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Logo delicata paris.png

Portrait-Univers-Inspiration-Fait main à Paris

       y childhood was full of memories of my grandmother Amelia, and our Greek, Maltese and of course Sicilian heritage. Immersed in this buried Mediterranean universe, I clung on to it while wearing its totems, Amelia's jewels.

Then, a few years later, after having completed a training course at the BJO school (Jewellery and Jewellery of Paris), I evolved in the Fashion industry, working for various designers and brands, to finally return to my first love: jewellery.

My creations are inspired by another world, bearers of history/ies, unique, imperfect jewellery, combined with antique coins, pearls, fine stones and minerals, created by my hands in my workshop in Paris, mounted on nickel-free raw brass and then covered in 24-carat gold.

The bangles are mostly made of raw brass which oxidises over time, and with contact with the air, it darkens, developing a beautiful antique colour with time, which gives it an inimitable charm, vintage, which is particularly appreciated.

The coins used are authentic and unique, dating from Roman, Greek or Byzantine Antiquity. My work respects their memory, neither piercing nor damaging them.

Pearls, symbols of wisdom and beauty since ancient times.

Stones and minerals are selected for their shape, their singular colours, their imperfections; they are irregular, uncut, chosen for their virtues and their uses in ancient times.


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